John was an elementary classroom teacher, math curriculum coordinator and math coach for over 20 years. His teaching experiences ranges from the two-room elementary school in Vermont where he began his career to his work at the Neighborhood School on the Lower East side of Manhattan. In the 1990s, he co-founded the nationally recognized Westminster Primary Program, an innovative non-graded public school in southern Vermont where children ages 6-10 learned together.

John completed his PhD in Teaching and Learning at New York University focusing his research on teaching methods that support struggling math learners and the effects of poverty on mathematics learning. John has provided professional development on mathematics learning throughout the U.S., Eastern Europe, and Japan. He is currently a professor of elementary education at St. Michael’s College where he prepares future teachers to teach mathematics. He is the author of Solving for Why: Understanding, Assessing, and Teaching Students who Struggle with Mathematics, K-8. He is one of the founders of the All Learners Project, an effort to make math accessible to students regardless of background or circumstance.



Sandi Stanhope worked in Franklin County for over 25 years as a primary classroom teacher, teacher leader, math interventionist and math coach. She has spent more than 15 years digging into the research around the ways in which young children develop early numeracy, additive reasoning, and their overall sense of mathematics. As a result of this focus, she became one of the lead facilitators in the development and implementation of and training for the Primary Number and Operations Assessment (PNOA), a tool used throughout Vermont and elsewhere to identify what young students know and can apply around concepts in early numeracy. In addition, in the role of a primary mathematics consultant, she provides professional development through teaching workshops and graduate level courses, such as Laying the Foundation, Building Upon the FoundationProblem Solving: Making Sense of Mathematics, and Relational Thinking: Laying the Foundation for Algebra (just to name a few) in school districts across the state of VermontAll of these courses support the teaching and learning of essential content, knowledge, and pedagogy for teachers and students in the area of mathematics. Sandi is also a 2010 graduate of Vermont Mathematics Initiative and a national trainer for OGAP Additive Reasoning. When she is not immersed in researching the mathematics of young children, Sandi enjoys time off with her family and traveling.

Todd Takahashi

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