ALN Coaches Academy


ALN Coaches Academy


All Learners Coaches Academy

Dates: July 29 - August 2, 2019

Location: St. Michael’s College, Colchester Vermont (Rooms and lunch are provided on campus).

This free professional development is intended as a venue to give existing coaches deeper understanding of the ideas and skills explored during cohort meetings and to introduce them to organizational schemes that will help move their schools forward. The day long sessions will include a mix of opportunities to gain new learning about math teaching and learning for all students and to create tools that will enhance their roles as coaches.

Goals and Objectives

  1. For instructional leaders to continue to develop pedagogical skill, interpret and use data, and gain tools and resources to support them as they support teachers of mathematics in their schools and districts.

  2. To investigate and develop protocols for using existing programs for menu components.

  3. To investigate and develop protocols to use in school or district PLCs to focus on formative assessment (student work).

  4. To create a vision of next steps to create systemic change within schools/districts that will lead to teaching and learning mathematics for all students.

More Information

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