All Learners Conference 2019

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All Learners Conference 2019

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A full-day All Learners Conference will be held on April 12, 2019 at the Inn at Essex in Essex, VT. Participants must register to attend. Morning refreshments and lunch will be provided.

Cost: Register by March 31st for an early bird registration rate of $225. Regular registration cost is $250

For payment with a school district purchase order, please contact to register.

The All Learners Network is hosting another conference for Vermont educators at The Inn at Essex on April 12, 2019. The conference is offered in response to overwhelming interest in the techniques and systems offered by the ALN to support ALL learners to understand mathematics.

General Session:

All Means All – A Systems Approach to Supporting All Learners - John Tapper

John Tapper is the founder of the All Learners Network and the author of Solving for Why. In this keynote, John will describe a variety of approaches schools and districts have used to adopt the All Learners approach in a systemic way that will result in sustainable changes in mathematics teaching and learning.

Workshops at this conference will include

Instructional Approaches:

Good Conversations – Math Talk Moves that Support Collaboration

Using Student Work to Inform Instruction

Number Talks for K-5

Accessible Tasks for Main Lesson – Middle School

Low Floor, High Ceiling Tasks – Working with Main Lesson

Sessions on Math Menu

Math Menu 101

Using Formative Assessment to Create Math Menu

Supporting Math Menu in Your School

Workshops on Math Content

Math Models for Intervention – Grades K-2 Using the MAP

Math Models for Intervention – Grades 3-5 Using the MAP

Working with Fractions to Support All Learners

Offerings for Coaches and Interventionists

Supporting Math Menu in Your School

Approaches for Intervention

Working Together: Strategies for Collaboration between Math Specialists and Classroom Teachers

Math Models for Intervention – Grades K-2 Using the MAP

Math Models for Intervention – Grades 3-5 Using the MAP



I went to the Killington conference that ALN offered. Will there be anything new at this one?

Yes! Like the Killington conference, there are a variety of offerings at this conference. All Learners approaches to math are complex and cannot be learned in a few days. Currently (and this is growing) there are three full graduate courses worth of material that is applied to supporting all learners.

What’s new at the Essex conference?

This time, in response to teacher requests, we’ve focused on specific, on-the-ground techniques for supporting all learners. There are intervention model sessions, a variety of Menu offerings, and some attention to approaches to Main Lesson that were absent in Killington.

I’m a middle school teacher. Will there be sessions there for me?

Yes. In addition to the sessions on the High Leverage Concepts (HLCs), there are sessions devoted to exploring discourse in the Main Lesson, and teaching fractions that are specifically aimed at middle level teachers. Several of the other sessions, including those dealing with formative assessment and menu are also appropriate.

I’m a math interventionist. Will this conference meet my needs?

You are one of our most important attendees! There are numerous sessions to support your work, including workshops on intervention models, collaborating with colleagues, and supporting a variety of approaches to intervention.

Our district wants to bring a team of teachers and pay with a Purchase Order. How do we do that?

Contact and we’ll make arrangements for you.

Our district is interested in hosting a course in All Learners math. What is available and how do we make this happen?

Please contact Current offerings include three 12-hour seminars that may be implemented in three four-hour segments or four three-hour segments. These seminars are available, with an additional 3 hours of time, for 1 graduate credit for additional cost. ALN also offers 3-credit, 40-hour graduate courses. Credit is an additional cost. We offer the following as either seminars or courses:

  • Math for Struggling Learners: An introduction to supporting all learners through a variety of classroom approaches. This includes an introduction to the All Learners Lesson (Main Lesson/Menu), approaches for working with High Leverage Concepts (HLCs), Formative Probes, ways to promote student discourse, and techniques for differentiation. The goal is for participants to leave with strategies to support all students to demonstrate understanding of grade level HLCs.

  • Differentiating Math Instruction with Math Menu: Our most popular course, participants learn the nuts and bolts of organizing, planning for, and managing a differentiated math workshop block. Time between sessions allows participants to try out new learning and report back on progress. Past participants report that this offering made it possible for them to meet the needs of all their students.

  • Specialized Instruction for Students on IEPs: This 12-hour seminar is aimed at making use of learning from the All Learners Network to meet the needs of children with persistent learning challenges. Participants learn how to use the HLCs to focus instruction and write IEP goals, models for intervention that are most effective, and how to use clinical interviews to assess student thinking and plan instruction.