Specialized Math Instruction - Bristol


Specialized Math Instruction - Bristol


Location: American Legion in Bristol, VT

This workshop is intended for teachers who have attended the Math for Struggling Learners course at any time.  It provides us with an opportunity to reconnect with each other to share your efforts incorporating the new ideas you explored during our Math for Struggling Learners course . This is a free workshop (funded by the AOE) on Monday, May 13.  The meeting will take place from 9:00 to 3:00 in Bristol, VT at the American Legion.  Lunch will be provided.

We will be focused on collaboratively discussing :

  1. What have we learned about intervention blocks this year?

  2. How are we using ALN resources (HLCs, intervention models, Probes, clinical interviews) to work with students?

  3. How are we using formative assessment to inform instruction with students who struggle?

  4. Using collaborative study - This might be more of a learning opportunity, since we didn't do much with this during the course.

  5. Formative Probes (CRAs). How can we make better use of the ones on the web site?

We are hoping to see you there and learn more about the amazing work you are doing in your schools. 

Cost is free, but space is limited so all participants must register.

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